At Ex-Guard, we are obsessed with designing products that withstand collisions and keep you trucking!

But, don’t take our word for it, just look at our customers' experiences!

XG-125 Saves Driver Over $2,340 in Damages

Brinson Prioleau

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Ex-Guard Withstands 70 MPH Moose Hit in Fairbanks


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How many Deer hits can an Ex-Guard take?

Bryan Ritts

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Save the Milk

Theodore Nack

Bergfeld Trucking, Inc.

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No Downtime with This LT-325

Marty Schwery

Panama Transfer

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2-4 Deer/Elk a year can’t stop this Ex-Guard!

Kazimierz Frackiewicz

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Fleet Saves $400k in 1 year

Allen Caldwell

Manager of Maintenance Technology | First Fleet Inc

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Find out why this Fleet chooses Ex-Guard

JDC Logistics

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What Are Fleets Saying?

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