HD 500 Series

Set-Forward Axle | Heavy Duty


HD 500 Series guards are the set-forward axle equivalent to the 400 series and are the newest product offering from Ex-Guard®. HD 500 guards were added to our product offering to satisfy the demand for a strong guard that was easy-to-use for the classic style of trucks.

This Heavy Duty Series is constructed with 8 gauge high-tensile steel, styled to fit the new model trucks and coated with the proprietary 1/8" Corrosion Resistant PVC coating. The perfect combination of strength and ease-of-use makes this a new fleet favorite for set-forward truck owners.

Ex-Guard Grille Guards work in conjunction with all major Collision Mitigation Systems, including Bendix Wingman Fusion, Meritor Wabco, and Detroit Assurance. Available coverage for the HD 500 series include the 25 and 95 Designs. These two options offer set-forward axle truck drivers mid-range and full Heavy Duty front-end protection.

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  • Single Hand Latch

    Single Hand Latch

    Single Hand Latch release system makes the LT 300, HD 400 and the HD 500 our most accessible series.

    Single Hand Latch secures the grille guard in the upright position. This is our unique Single Hand Latch system that offers quick engine access.

    The HD 500 Series uses the Single Hand Latch release system making the LT and HD series as easy to use as opening a car door.

  • Pipes


    Ex-Guard PVC coating is a three step process that ensures the steel is totally protected from the elements. The 8 gauge high-tensile steel is coated in a bonding layer, dipped in the PVC solution and then cured in an oven until it achieves the malleable, yet extremely durable, finish all Ex-Guards display.

HD 500 Series Models



135 lbs, Set-Forward Axle



240 lbs, Set-Forward Axle