HD 400 Series

Set-Back Axles | Heavy Duty

HD 400 Series guards fit trucks with set-back axle designs and are a unique blend of toughness and convenience. With a single hand release latch like the LT 300 Series, these guards can fold down in seconds to ensure quick access to your hood. Ex-Guard Grille Guards work in conjunction with all major Collision Mitigation Systems, including Bendix Wingman Fusion, Meritor Wabco, and Detroit Assurance. 8 Gauge High-Tensile Steel Dual Cam Latch Set-Back Axle
  • Latch System

    Latch System

    Single Hand Latch release system makes the LT 300, HD 400 and the HD 500 our most accessible series.

    Single Hand Latch secures the grille guard in the upright position. This is our unique Single Hand Latch system that offers quick engine access.

  • FinishFinish


    Select finishes below to view them on the guard.

    • Metallic Silver

      Metallic Silver

    • Black


  • HD 400 Series Pipe

    HD 400 Series Pipe

    PVC Black or Silver
    Our traditional PVC coating
    Bonding Layer
    8 Gauge high-tensile steel tubing

HD 400 Series Models



122 lbs., Set-Back Axle



184 lbs., Set-Back Axle



235 lbs., Set-Back Axle