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Designed for Daimler and approved by Daimler Trucks of North America (DTNA), the XG-CM150  combines the XG 100 Series strength with 50 design coverage.

Guard Series Construction

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What is the CM STYLE?
The CM (Collision Mitigation) Style, created at the request of Daimler, does not interfere with the ‘no encroachment zone’ of the Detroit Assurance – CMS (Collision Mitigation System) for the New Gen Cascadia. PDI Centers supply the CM Style Ex-Guards. Following this request, Ex-Guard® has created the CM modification to the XG 100 Series guards. This style of grill guard is not necessary for CMS operation as all Ex-Guard grille guards allow the full functionality of these collision mitigation systems.

The XG-CM150 is a part of the XG 100 Series, with 50 style coverage. For more info on the product’s construction, visit the 100 Series.

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