China’s Exports Impact Supply Chains

There is a real lust for the American Made product now. Why would an American or North American manufacturers shut down production before the virus hit? When the world’s global economy took an impact from the Novel Corona Virus, manufacturers in North America who would otherwise remain open were forced to shut down production. Products that claimed to be “Made in America” were actually just assembled in America and made in China. Basically, you’ve assembled your IKEA dresser so essentially you made it right? It must be American Made. This is the backward logic that companies are falsely marketing to you under.

This is especially transparent in the Grille Guard industry. China’s exports impacted several companies’ supply chains. While the demand for Trucking was at an all-time high, the grille guard industry was hurting. Drivers were hitting spring deer season on top of panic buying, now more than ever they needed to limit downtime, but guard orders started backing up. Several “American Made” companies were stuck making excuses for their supply deficits. Their level of foreign supply dependence ranged from their Made in China brackets all the way up to their Made in China Grille Guards (assembled in the USA).

American Made or American Assembled?

How can you tell that you’re getting an “American Made” not “American Assembled” product? That’s not so easy, most companies will still claim to be “American Made” even if they only make a few items in-house. The curtain was pulled back on these companies but you can expect they’re going to hope no one got a peek. Before you buy a Grille Guard call the manufacturers. Ask what products are Made in China or Overseas? Are your brackets made in America? Are your guards Made or Assembled in America?

A Strong Grille Guard Can Save Your Life

That might seem like a lot of work, but it’s work you won’t regret when your guard is saving your life. Grille Guards that are poorly manufactured can crumble like aluminum foil, while a strong grille guard can prevent an engine from being thrust into the driver on collision. For all these reasons it’s important to know how your grille guard is made, so you can be confident in the guard and brand that you’re purchasing.

American Manufacturing, Not As Strong as It Once Was

America is finding out our Manufacturing industry is not as strong as it once was. Why aren’t products made in America anymore? Is it really worth it to get cheap products? While other companies were hurt by China’s supply chain, Ex-Guard Industries thrived. Ex-Guard finally had a path cleared of cheap foreign clutter.

When we say “Made in America” we mean designed, built, bent, dipped, cut, welded, right here in the heart of the Midwest, Iowa. We are ready to meet your tough questions with honest and proud answers because we are one of the last real American Manufacturing companies and we hope to earn your business and keep you safe.